Why Every Business Needs a Brand Manager

Jun 27, 2023

Are you starting a new project? Or rebranding? Or growing your business to sell?


Do you:     

  • Know what ‘brand’ means and signifies to the value of your business?
  • Know when and how to protect your IP?                                           
  • Have the knowledge and skills in Brand IP and branding to be your own brand manager?


You as the business owner need a solid understanding of Brand and IP so you can be its brand manager.


Or if your business is already established, a senior individual in your business, skilled in Brand and IP, needs to be its brand manager. The changed 21st century business environment makes this an imperative.


So, I’ve created the Brand Tuned program and the Brand Strategy, marketing, and positioning course to bridge the gap between branding and brand protection for you.


There’s just one week left to take advantage of the special offer and save up to £600 before the price increases to £990 or £1200 for both courses.


Only the first 20 who buy the course get a one to one consultation with me.


Why brand management?


In a big company brand managers select external suppliers and co-ordinate internally to implement the brand’s strategy and promote sales.


They have the knowledge of branding and IP to recognise when to involve other disciplines. If the company decides to alter its name or visual identity, or to engage in creative advertising, or new marketing campaigns, the brand manager brings in the right legal, regulatory or IP support.


However, as brand managers are not trained in IP, there is a gap between the brand and IP even in big companies.


 This can result in problems, such as loss of trademarksEven Apple and MacDonalds experienced this in the EU recently, losing their Think Different and Big Mac registrations.


The legal department can’t fill the gap in the brand managers’ knowledge because it’s often unaware how the brand is being used or changed.


 Brand managers need training in brand IP. 


But at least large companies have legal departments…


For a small business the need for a brand manager is acute.


Relying on external suppliers to fill the gap in your knowledge of Brand IP and branding isn’t an option because they’re not inside your business. They don’t know what’s going on or how you’re using your brand.


 The fact that designers, and brand strategists are not trained in IP, means you can’t rely on them to address the IP aspects of branding for you.


I’ve explained in recent newsletters how IP impacts changes of identitychoice of name, the need to take account of brand protection in branding, and legal agreements to use early on to protect your IP.


These are just some of the reasons why knowledge about Brand IP needs to come from inside the business or department.


If you don’t recognise that your intended actions have an IP implication how can anyone protect your interests? How can you avoid being at the mercy of whichever agency or professional you engage?


The Solution


I thought long and hard about how to support businesses to get impartial guidance when creating and building their brandsor selecting agencies or freelancers to work with.


I realised that to improve the chances of any business, it’s necessary to improve the business owner’s skills.


There is no alternative.


That’s why I developed the Brand Tuned program and the Brand Strategy, marketing, and positioning course to enable founders and business owners to access the knowledge and skills they need to be their own brand manager.


I wanted to provide an accessible training solution that would also suit brand managers, marketers, designers, lawyers and other advisers.


Brand and IP skills are invaluable to have as an entrepreneur, or adviser.


Why learn Brand IP?


 Think of IP principles as essential, specialist business knowledge rather than as the minutiae of the law. You certainly don’t need to learn the law.


The Brand Tuned program plugs the gap in your skills by giving you the knowledge and insights you need about branding and IP to protect your own interests.


You’ll know when to engage legal help, and how to select the right agencies or freelancers to work with.


The stand-alone Brand Strategy course guides you to do some preliminary groundwork when you’re initially thinking through your ideas. Use it before engaging branding help. You’ll have more clarity to arrive at the right brand strategy.


You’ll ultimately get a more successful branding outcome thanks to having a joined-up, integrated approach to brand and IP strategy.


There’s an FAQ section below explaining more about the courses.


Special offer


Buy the courses during June’s special offer while there’s still chance to do so.


After June, this version of the program will increase to £990. All you’ll get for £490 is the video course, without any Q&A sessions etc.


Effectively the June offer is a half price offer.


Don’t miss out.


These two courses bring together all my best thinking and advice about Brand and IP.


I want you to succeed and to know how to manage your brand effectively. The brand is where the value in a successful business lies.     


Visit the FAQ section explaining more about the courses. If you have questions that aren’t answered, shoot me an email to [email protected].


P.S: If you’re a designer, marketer or other professionalget Brand Tuned to transform your skills from Brand Strategist to Brand and IP Strategist.