What is the Brand Tuned program?

It’s an 8-week on demand course on the IP aspects of branding. It gives you the knowledge and skills on the legal concept of distinctiveness, barriers to entry created by copyright, trademark, patent, design and confidentiality, how to choose and search names, apply brand architecture and use brand guidelines, and agreements to protect your IP Details of what each Milestone includes are on the course page. There is 8 hours of short video content with clear summaries of what each video covers. Watch what interests you. There are also podcasts and quizzes. All the content can also be accessed in audio and written form. You get lifetime access to the course content so can revisit Milestones as necessary.


Is Brand Tuned relevant to USA and other countries?

Yes, the course focuses on general IP principles that apply in business worldwide. Case examples are drawn from various countries to illustrate points. The program doesn’t teach country specific laws. It’s not about the minutiae of IP laws as it’s a business course. It’s suitable for everyone who wants to better understand how Brand IP works.


How do the 5 accountability and Q&A sessions work?

They’re Zoom meetings, with the first Q&A session starting in mid-July. If you enrol on the program in June and aren’t available to attend the July or August Q&A sessions that’s fine. You could start attending sessions in September. Once you start the Q&A sessions try to attend them fortnightly, but if you prefer to space them out monthly just let us know your plans. Overall, you may attend 5 sessions. You’ll get recordings of the 5 sessions you attend or plan to attend.


What is the Brand Strategy, Marketing and Positioning course?

It’s a standalone 6-week on demand video-based course on branding. Use it to work out your brand strategy, by better understanding the market, what customers want and need, and what the competition is offering. Clarify your vision, mission and values. Decide how to uniquely stand out to attract sales and keep customers by doing some introspective thinking to unearth your motivations, strengths and capabilities. Create your brand and positioning and decide what you want to be known for.


What support is included in the Brand Strategy course?

The Brand Strategy course is self-guided. It includes a workshop template, Brand Plan, and other resources to help you think through your ideas before engaging branding support. If you want help to develop your own positioning and brand strategy, consider doing the Brand Tuned Accelerator. We’re hoping to launch that soon. Register your interest and get more information about it here.


Who is the Brand Strategy course for?

The course is suitable for business owners, lawyers, designers, and other advisers wanting to learn about branding and brand strategy. It comes AFTER the Brand Tuned course, so if you’re enrolling on the Brand Tuned program buy both courses together to take advantage of the discount. The Brand Strategy course is NOT suitable for marketers who already understand brand strategy, and marketing. And it’s is perfect for IP lawyers who already understand IP and simply want to learn about branding. They don’t need the Brand Tuned program. Just join the waitlist to be notified once the Brand Strategy course is available to buy as a standalone course.


When does the next cohort start?

The Brand Tuned program can be started at any time, whenever you’re ready. If you enrol today you’ll immediately get access to the first Milestone. The other Milestones will then drop every week thereafter.


How do I pay for the course?

You can pay by credit card through Stripe or via Paypal.


Can I get a refund if I decide the course isn’t right for me?

Yes, there is a 30 Day, 100% Confidence Guarantee. If, for whatever reason you decide Brand Tuned isn’t for you, all you need to do is send me a quick email to [email protected], and we’ll refund everything you’ve paid, within 14 days of you emailing me.


I’m too busy to do the course. Can I buy it and do the course later?

No problem. Just buy the course now. Once you’re ready to start, even if it’s not for another 6 months, join one of the Q&A sessions. We’ll know you’re ready to be held accountable from that date.


Is there an App to access the course content from my mobile?

Yes, using the Kajabi app, you’ll be able to access all the course videos and audios while out in the gym or walking etc so you can learn at times convenient to you.