Podcast Relaunch, Half Price Offer and More

2024 brandtunedpodcast halfpriceoffer podcastrelaunch May 02, 2024
Podcast Relaunch, Half Price Offer and More

Today the Brand Tuned podcast relaunches.

We’ve also just launched a new YouTube podcast channel for it having deleted the previous episodes that were posted on my own YouTube channel. So, the podcast videos have no views, and the channel has no subscribers right now!

I initially set up the podcast to discover why brand professionals didn’t take proper account of the intellectual property (IP) dimension during branding. My thoughts are in the Brand Tuned book.

The IP principles I outlined in 'Three Essentials to Know About Trademarks' are examples of knowledge brand lawyers know and brand managers should know. They’re universal principles, not country specific laws.

The IP aspects of branding don't differ fundamentally internationally. So, branding professionals should thoroughly understand them to make more effective branding choices.

The notion that IP is all about law, and hence a matter for lawyers to deal with, is the reason branding professionals aren’t trained in the IP principles of branding. I believe they should be.

While lawyers versed in the laws of a specific country are essential to check whether a name is legally available, they can’t fill the gap in a professional’s knowledge about fundamental IP principles that impact the choices they make about names and other signs.

Brand protection principles are part and parcel of business design. Understanding them equips brand managers to be more effective in their role.

This is especially so given that lawyers who are asked to do trademark availability searches are often corporate lawyers rather than specialist brand lawyers. They’re unlikely to be aware of the essential points to know about names.

It's critical to develop the expertise of branding professionals in business design so they understand how to make effective decisions and know how and when to involve lawyers.

With that in mind, I’m marking the relaunch of the podcast with a half price offer on this Bonus Brand Tuned resource. The price will be £275 till Tuesday.

You could go through the resource as you would a course, OR, you could consult it by searching the pdf of the entire course when there are specific IP issues you want to know more about.

The early decisions new ventures take and the IP principles that impact them set the scene for the success or otherwise of the business.

There are two new episodes to listen to on small business branding. You can listen to them on Spotify or other podcast channels by following these links.

Navigating Branding and Growth with Paul Fernandez and

Mission-Driven Entrepreneurship with James Brown.

Each business started with an idea which was fine-tuned. Like any business they decided how to position themselves, so they were perceived as different. And they made the most important intellectual property decision that any business makes, which is how to identify themselves.

The widespread belief that IP is about protecting a business concept such as by patenting it, gets in the way of people understanding that IP impacts the very choices they make when designing their business.

Do listen to the episodes. New ones will drop the first Friday of every month.

If you want access to the Bonus Brand Tuned resource at half price, buy before close of business on Tuesday 7th May.