One Brand, One Brand Voice - How to Align Everyone in your Company with the One Brand Voice

blog brand brand message brand voice verbal identity Sep 30, 2022

Verbal identity is about the unique way a brand speaks. It includes the words it uses to describe itself and its products, as well as how it communicates with customers and prospects. Put simply, verbal identity is how a company talks to its audience.

A strong verbal identity sets a brand apart from its competitors and makes it instantly recognizable. Done right, verbal identity can build trust, credibility, and loyalty among customers.

So verbal identity should be an integral part of any business's branding strategy. In fact, companies that invest in developing a strong verbal identity see significant returns on their investment.

Many professionals in the design and professional services industries are acutely aware of the significance of maintaining control over their brand's visual identity ensuring that their brand appears consistently and is easily identifiable no matter the channel or medium. But it’s worth remembering that language is also a valuable way in which to differentiate a brand from its competitors. Using the right language across channels should be a focus when building awareness.

In today’s podcast my guest Chris West discusses his verbal identity framework. Specifically, he argues that verbal identity helps businesses to stand out from their competitors and build trust, credibility, and loyalty among customers. Using Oatly and Rude Health as a case example, he shows how much of a difference words make to a brand.