Discovering Branding's Hidden Layers

2024 branding Feb 09, 2024

Some books are the result of extensive experience. Others are a journey of discovery to write. 'Brand Tuned, the new rules of branding, strategy and intellectual property', is in the latter category. 

When I began writing it, I thought I understood what branding meant. But I realized that there was much more to it than I knew. So, I abandoned the first manuscript. It wasn’t right. 

Then I began listening to different podcasts to the ones I’d previously listened to. I also started the Brand Tuned podcast to interview industry professionals. I learnt a lot from those interviews. Of course, I continued to read lots,  and did extensive research too as I wrote the book. 

So, I’m delighted that the book was so well received. For example, Tom Elmer, a Professor of Marketing in the USA said on Amazon that he read the book cover to cover in a day and a half. Here is the rest of his review: 

“I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! Absolutely stunning presentation of the intersection of marketing, branding, strategy and intellectual property and how to use these insights to compete more effectively. BUY IT! It cost under $10 on kindle and I promise you will get back tenfold ideas, strategies and tactics to employ. What matters most is she teaches solid modern scientific marketing to make this a MUST BUY RECOMMENDATION!!! 

What a generous review. It was so gratifying to receive such an endorsement from someone within the industry. 

It's been three years since I finished writing the book. During that time, I've attended several trainings. I’ve also read more books and listened to other podcasts on branding. 

And even after the book’s publication, I continued to interview people on the Brand Tuned podcast. But I stopped doing so a year or so ago while I reconsider the purpose of the podcast. 

So, I've learnt lots about the 'what and why' of branding that I didn’t cover in the book. Indeed, now I offer a branding service as there's so much IP involved in designing a business and brand. 

If you’re creating a new brand or revisiting an existing one, then why not review your brand and IP?  Details of the new Get Brand Tuned service offering are on the Azrights home page.