Create More Distinctive Brands Using IP Strategically

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None of the brand strategy courses out there teach you how to create new brands. They only explain how to work with established brands.

Brand strategy for a new brand must include its intellectual property strategy.

For an established brand IP issues will be an incidental aspect of their annual brand strategy, only arising if a new name is introduced, or the brand’s visual identity is changed, or a new mascot or audio element is added. The marketing department would need to know enough about IP to recognise when to involve the company’s lawyers. For example, serious problems could arise if the company changed its visual identity and didn’t update the company’s trade mark registrations.

In contrast, when you create a new brand, IP is of central relevance and goes beyond clearance searching and registration. IP strategy should determine the type of brand name, aural or visual identifiers, such as colours, imagery, or symbols to choose and how you would protect and promote them.

If you create new brands, or rebrand existing ones, the Brand Tuned Accreditation program will teach you how to plug the gap in your knowledge of IP. It is a comprehensive brand creation course giving you the tools to cover the brand’s IP strategy. As such, it will set you apart from competitors who are unaware of the central role of IP in distinctiveness when creating a new brand or rebranding an existing one.

A mistake I often see people making is to assume that because IP is ‘law’ it means they just need to refer clients to lawyers on anything to do with IP. They overlook the need to understand the legal requirements of distinctiveness before choosing names and other identifiers and involving lawyers.

Many of the IP principles taught in the Brand Tuned Accreditation program are likely to be new even for IP lawyers because the focus is on branding rather than on the day-to-day legal issues IP lawyers deal with. The IP information in the course is at high level. It’s not country specific legal minutiae and is relevant to an international audience.

I’ve been on a 3-year journey to broaden my expertise in brand creation and am now ready to help others to develop their knowledge to foster greater business success for the brands they help create.

Download the Brand Tuned Accreditation brochure to see the course curriculum for the program starting 1 September 2022. Take advantage of the introductory offer which includes a discount for the first 20 to book. There is also an early bird offer of 3 individual coaching sessions.

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