Strategic Creativity - Being Relevant and Resonating

brandidentity branding brandtuned differentiation distinctiveness intellectualproperty marketing relevant resonating strategiccreativity Oct 13, 2022

Being strategically creative is about developing a brand that’s relevant and resonates with distracted consumers.

To grow a brand we need to consistently remind consumers that we exist. That is 90 to 95% of all marketing.

The three principles to abide by so category buyers know we exist are:

Firstly, Be distinctive.

Making our brand distinctive means.

  • having a unique name
  • having a unique logo
  • making our brand stand out from competitors.

Being different from competitors visually, aurally and conceptually should be our focus.

Secondly, Be consistent.

That means advertising frequently using the same well established brand assets consistently so as to reach everyone in the category.

Familiarity is the strongest gravitational pull there is because customers don't buy brands they’re not familiar with.

Finally, Be relevant.

That involves learning all you can about your audience’s needs. The more you know them, the better you'll be at offering what truly appeals to them.

Robin Landa delivers a 10 minute mini masterclass on creativity in this week’s podcast.