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Rory Sutherland,  Vice Chair at Ogilvy UK and author of the book Alchemy, the Surprising power of ideas that don’t make sense discusses brand, advertising, decision science and more.

Show Notes

In this episode, Rory points out why ambiguity in terms like brand and IP are problematic. The word brand is used to mean anything people want. It's even been used to defend advertising, that doesn't work, The episodes touched on many interesting points including:

  • The misunderstanding of the value of brands
  • The reasons why brands might change their name and logo 
  • Situational examples when brand names can't be protected
  • Chesterton's Fence and how it relates to Tropicana's redesign
  • The value in simple fame that defies logic explained by behavioural science
  • The importance of understanding what the law means by IP in terms of branding
  • How plagiarism is  policed through professional shaming in the advertising industry

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LinkedIn: Rory Sutherland
Twitter: @rorysutherland
Book: Transport for Humans 

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