Why Every Business Needs to Know About Trade Secrets

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John Pryor is a management consultant and founder of Exalt IP and intellectual property firm. 

Show Notes

In this episode, John shares his insights on trade secrets, including why it is so important to distinguish trade secrets from general know how in an organisation. Classifying an important recipe as a trade secrets gives you more powerful rights in the event of any breach of them. 

He walks us through trade secrets policies and the importance of educating employees about intellectual property and trade secrets. This episode covers:

  • Guiltless Gourmet's buy out talks with Frito Lay - an example of what not to do  with your trade secrets.
  • Steps an organization needs to take internally to protect trade secrets
  • How to classify trade secrets possibly using red, amber and green classification
  • Threats to leakage and theft of trade secrets.
  • Examples of brands protecting their competitive advantage through trade secrets
  • Why reputation is the single most important issue for brands to focus on.

LinkedIn: John Pryor
Instagram: @the_ip_foundry
Facebook: @TheIPFoundry
Website & blog: www.exaltip.com/blog 

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