The Power of Animation in Branding with Christine Mackay

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Christine Mackay is the founder of an animation agency,  she helps her clients to communicate complex messages using animation. 

Show Notes

In this episode, Christine shares that even if you just have a word mark, you could animate your logo, and make it come to life. And in that coming to life, you could actually convey some of what it is that you do.  Animation is very malleable, and there are many ways to make use of it in branding or to explain aspects of the business. Movement attracts attention.  

This episode covers:

  • How Christine chose salamandra as a name from which 3-D Sal emerged. 
  • That salamanders mean 'cute, funny and smart' to Christine .
  • The power of animation in making a brand more memorable 
  • How tone of voice was an important differentiator for her business.
  • Companies often turn to animation to communicate complex messages.
  • The difference between a video and animation.
  •  The single most important thing a company needs to focus on to build its brand. 

LinkedIn: Christine Mackay
Twitter: @SalamandraUK
Book: Destination Animation

View the podcast transcript here

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