Sales Differentiation Strategy

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Lee Salz is the Founder and CEO of Sales Architects where he helps clients develop processes to hire the right salespeople, effectively onboard them and align their sales activities with business objectives.

Show Notes

In this episode,  we talk about differentiation, Lee shares his insights on two types of differentiation which are marketing differentiation and sales differentiation. He also shares why the word "unique" is one of the biggest causes of frustration in sales. This episode covers:

  • Why is it important to differentiate 
  • What does a business need to do to differentiate itself and what examples
  • Why the word "unique" is one of the biggest causes of frustration in sales
  • Two types of differentiation — marketing differentiation and sales differentiation
  • How to perceive meaningful value in what you're selling through an ideal client profile
  • How some buyers don't see an objection to prices and value a product intrinsically
  • How to work out who your target buyer is

Linkedin: Lee Salz
Twitter: @SalesArchitects
Free tool: Target Client Profile Template
Books: Sell Different! &  Sales Differentiation