Joe Gregory on the Role of IP in Branding

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Joe Gregory is the co-founder of Rethink Press, a partner publishing company that helps business authors to write and publish their books.

Show Notes

 He has a background in advertising as a graphic designer and sales copywriter.

In this episode, we discuss the many ways intellectual property is relevant for entrepreneurs, designers and marketers. We also talk about how IP should be a fundamental aspect of any designer or marketer's training so they know what they don't know and can point their clients in the right direction to secure rights in their property assets. 

In brief this episode covers:

  • The definition of property rights
  • What is spin selling methodology?
  • The process of choosing a name for a book
  • The problems with intellectual property as being inherently complex
  • The problems of entrepreneurs when it comes to intellectual property
  • Copyright as being universally relevant for every business especially for publishing
  • How IP should be a fundamental aspect of any designer or marketer in training
  • The most important thing that business owners need to focus on — the name

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