How to Move Beyond Your Job Role To Trusted Adviser

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Lawyers and many other professionals are increasingly challenged to identify their distinctive skills and talents, and the capabilities they possess that cannot be readily replaced by technology or alternative ways of working and access to cheaper options.

Show Notes

Richard and Daniel Susskind predict that professionals will be increasingly displaced in an internet society by AI and other technologies. 

In an earlier book, The End of Lawyers, Richard Susskind had predicted that a new breed of hybrid lawyers will emerge, who are increasingly multi-disciplinary in order to succeed.  Hybrid lawyers are quite different to the lawyers of today who already claim they are deeply steeped in neighbouring disciplines, as project managers, strategy, management consultants and more but who often lack the depth of expertise in those neighbouring disciplines. 

This episode covers:

  • How internet society will bring fundamental change in the way 'practical expertise' of specialists is made available
  • What professionals need to do to move up the food chain to become trusted advisers
  • Parallels to the legal industry for other professions.
  • The essentials to be "superbly schooled and genuinely expert” in multiple disciplines.
  • A call for lawyers and others to consider the prototype Brand Tuned Accreditation

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