Distinctiveness v Differentiation — Why Focus on Distinctiveness

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In this episode, I talk about distinctiveness and differentiation, which is the subject of some debate in the branding industry. I also cover the important connection between brand value and IP.

Show Notes

The role of identifiers is to uniquely identify your brand. This is the essential purpose of branding and distinctiveness is all about being recognized as the source or origin of your products and services. The way to create a distinctive brand that stands out in an enduring way is to focus on distinctiveness.

In brief the episode covers:

  • Distinctiveness v Differentiation
  • How to make your brand stand out in an enduring way
  • Brand codes
  • Brand identifiers
  • Choosing identifiers with legal protection
  • What are the different types of brand identifiers apart from the brand name?
  • The connection between brand value and IP
  • A basic understanding of what is intellectual property
  • Most valuable brand identifiers to protect
  • Trademarks — how the law protects names, slogans, symbols, taglines, sounds, and other brand elements
  • Illustration on how IP impacts brand value
  • The fundamental role of intellectual property in branding

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