Creating a Meaningful Brand with Thomas Kolster

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Thomas Kolster is the founder of the  Goodvertising Agency, one of the pioneers in shaping brands. 

Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss his book The Hero Trap, and how companies should be clear about their role when carving a niche in the marketplace and understanding how they can be better than anybody else. He shares his insights on mass marketing, how it affects today’s generation of young people and the key issues brands need to do to claim a role in people’s lives. 

In brief this episode covers:

  • What are transformative brands?
  • What a brand is today and what it is going forward
  • The connection of social purpose with brands
  • The meaningful role of brands in people’s lives
  • Communicating a brand's purpose 
  • The approach to differentiating your business and communicating who you are
  • Understanding how brands can turn people into the heroes of their own lives
  • Moving a brand from a very transactional relationship to a more transformational relationship

View the podcast transcript here

LinkedIn: Thomas Kolster
Twitter: @thomaskolster
Books: Goodvertising: Creative Advertising That Cares and The Hero Trap

Mentioned brands on this episode: Kind Snacks and District Vision, Red Bull and Who Gives a Crap.

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