Brand Tuned started as a podcast about branding hosted by Shireen Smith an intellectual property lawyer at Azrights. It’s for marketers, designers and entrepreneurs looking to create, build and grow distinctive brands.
Shireen has now written the book Brand Tuned, the new rules of branding, strategy and intellectual property (releasing on 28 September 2021). It’s about how to create a strong brand using intellectual property to stand out and remain unique. The research from the Ehrenberg Bass Institute about how brands grow makes intellectual property even more important because to create a distinctive brand involves choosing identifiers that are legally protectable and different to what competitors in the category are using.

Writing the book was an eye opener into the conflicting, impenetrable advice that characterises much of the branding industry. She came across so much jargon, folklore, hype, and pop psychology written about brands that makes it difficult for people to know what to focus on when developing their brand. Brands are often created by people with no training in IP for people who have no idea about the pivotal role IP plays in business and branding. She realised there is a need for more support on how to create a distinctive brand using IP. So, a course/accelerator is planned for 2022. 


Brand Tuned also offers consultation advice and coaching on branding and IP. If you require legal services such as trademark registration visit: Azrights website.