About Brand Tuned

Brand Tuned is a book, a podcast and a brand consultancy service by Shireen Smith, an IP lawyer. If you are interested in IP legal services then please visit the Azrights website which details the range of services on offer, such as trade mark registration, IP audits, and legal agreements for online business.

Brand Tuned is all about brand creation. Our approach is inspired by Byron Sharp’s evidence-based research on how brands grow. We are committed to providing coaching and mentoring services and education to enable businesses to create powerful brands that are distinctive taking account of intellectual property law which is central to branding. Shireen Smith is a specialist in brands and trade marks, who has a deep interest in branding.  

Do you need help to address IP during the creative process, issues such as when naming your brand? Do you want to know what is protectable and ownable before you create visual assets?  Developing distinctive brand assets requires a strategic approach that needs to be guided by intellectual property and research into what matters in branding. The TUNED framework we use to  develop their brands involve:

Think IP first!

Understand your ideal client!

Name it right!

Establish your Brand Strategy!

Driving the brand strategy!