Brand tuned is a podcast, s book, and s training program on brand creation conceived by Shireen Smith, the founder of Azrights International, a UK based IP law firm.

Armed with an LLB and Masters’ degree in Intellectual Property from Queen Mary, London University, the UK’s most venerated IP department, Shireen has spent the past 20 years practising around brands, supporting business owners and branding professionals with IP advice, naming, trade mark registration and copyright issues, often with an international dimension.

Having worked for a large global brand, Reuters, as an in-house lawyer, as well as with startups, she has seen brands from both ends of the spectrum.

While the Googles and Amazons of this world use interdisciplinary teams who collaborate to create brands with everyone contributing their specialist skills, most companies create brands in silos, without reference to intellectual property during brand creation.

Brand’ has never been more important. Creating differentiated brands that will be noticed and remembered in our overcommunicated society is as much about focusing on effective brand designs and intellectual property considerations, as it is about taking bold moves to leap ahead of competitors.

Becoming known and turning customers into active participants is important. But to endure in the mind it’s vital to choose a name and distinctive brand elements that work from an intellectual property perspective, and that are appropriately protected. Brand protection is part and parcel of brand creation.

The Brand Tuned Accreditation program builds on the ideas touched on in the Brand Tuned book and extends them considerably so it is more practical and actionable. The focus is on early-stage business, equipping you to apply IP principles that account of the evidence-based findings of the Ehrenberg Bass Institute about the overarching importance of distinctiveness when creating brands. Among other things, the program supports you to know what designs to create taking account of brand protection principles.