Verbal Identity with Rob Meyerson

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Rob Meyerson is the principal and founder of Heirloom, an independent brand strategy and identity firm. His specialities include brand strategy and positioning, naming and messaging, brand architecture, qualitative research, and organizational change. 

Show Notes

In this episode,  we discussed why IP is not included in branding projects and covered:

  • The lack of job training for brand consultants and the culture of learning by doing that prevails
  • Checking company and product names 
  • Building distinctive brand assets,  versus the simplicity in design approach that prevails
  • What to consider when naming — what makes some names stronger than other names
  • Whether the legal dimension is a limiting factor that constrains the creative process
  • Positioning — does that impact your name choice?
  • IP’s role in managing competition
  • The negative reputation of lawyers

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LinkedIn: Rob Meyerson
Twitter: @RobMeyerson
Instagram: @howbrandsarebuilt
Book: Brand Naming

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