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Joe Glover is the founder of Marketing Meetup a place where people come together to learn about marketing and connect in a meaningful way.

Show Notes

It’s not what he’s done, but how he’s done it that has led to the success of the Marketing Meetup.

There are plenty of places where marketers can learn, there are plenty of places where marketers can meet each other, but what Joe realised was that there was a need for a safe place where marketers could come together because they love marketing, they’re curious to learn more, and want to connect with open minded marketers in a way which feels kind, lovely, safe, and inclusive. It’s a counterblast to the corporate approach that feels like you’re being judged by your job title and the size of your budgets. 

In this episode, Joe shares his experience in community building. The community grew quite organically as people resonated with how they chose to do things. There was never a big ambition behind it.  The foundation was about humanity, coming together and listening.  That’s the group that Joe wanted to see exist and attend. Then over time they began to suggest how people should engage with one another - to say hello, listen and be positively lovely. 

This episode covers:

  • How Marketing Meetup came into existence. 
  • Insights into building a community.
  • How to reach out and better understand your audience.
  • Forums you use as you build the community — Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack and Discord groups.
  • Hubspot and Salesforce and other examples of successful strong community-based brands

LinkedIn: Joe Glover 
Twitter: @josepheglover

View the podcast transcript here

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