Stephen Houraghan on The Changed Branding Industry

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Stephen Houraghan,  founder of the Brand Master Academy,  is a brand strategist who helps designers and brand builders to package up their creative thinking and specialise as brand strategists. 

Show Notes

 He teaches graphic designers and copywriters, who are executing within the brand on the tactical side, on how to focus more on the strategic side. 

In this episode, Stephen discusses that everything starts with the audience, The brand exists in the mind of the audience, without which it has no reason to exist. 

This episode covers:

  • How the brand starts from within and then looks outwards.
  • How to revisit a brand strategy especially for small businesses 
  • The strategic process of developing a brand identity
  • How the branding industry has changed 
  • Importance of collaboration between the brand strategist and client in creating a brand
  • Brand equity is the value of the brand
  • The importance of audience in creating a brand

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Facebook: Stephen Houraghan
Instagram: @brandmasteracademy
YouTube: Brand Master Academy
Website: www.
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