Branding and Distinctiveness

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Stef Hamerlinck is a brand strategist and designer living in Belgium, and host of the podcast, Let's Talk Branding. He runs his own branding studio.

Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss what a brand is and how distinctiveness is fundamentally about making a brand stand out. Stef also shares his views on how many brand codes a business should have and gives examples for smaller and big brands to look at. We discuss:

  • Brand strategy
  • What brand and branding mean to  Stef
  • Differentiation and distinctiveness
  • How the context in which a brand is used impacts the brand codes to create
  • The 'vibe' of brands that their visual language evokes
  • The reason for rebranding or choosing a new name
  • Protecting your distinctive brand assets through intellectual property
  • How Stef decides whether to create a symbol in his branding work
  • Brands Stef admires: Kellogs and Ritchie Lemonade

View the podcast transcript here

LinkedIn: Stef Hamerlinck
Twitter: @stefhamerlinck
Instagram:  @letstalkbranding

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