Rebranding Rethink Press with Lucy McCarraher

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Lucy McCarraher is an author, publisher, mentor and speaker. She has written 13 books and is co-founder of Rethink Press, which helps entrepreneurs to raise their authority, increase their client base and visibility through writing and publishing books.

Show Notes

In this episode, Lucy shares her experience in the recent rebrand of Rethink Press. We also discuss the importance of books, how to approach writing one given that a book is an iconic product. You don't want to undervalue or devalue the experience for readers by writing content that's too promotional. This episode covers:

  • Their process of rebranding Rethink Press
  • How the only formal branding action Rethink had taken before the rebrand was to secure the rights in their name. 
  • What to bear in mind when writing a book — value is the name of the game
  • Key steps for a business to take to ensure it stays on brand as it develops and grows
  • Lucy's insights from her recent rebranding experience on how to differentiate from competitors.

LinkedIn: Lucy McCarraher
Twitter: @LucyMcCarraher
Instagram: @lucymccarraher
Book: A Book of One’s Own 
Website: and

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