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James Church is the co-founder and chief operating officer of Robot Mascot, the UK leading pitch agency and the author of the bestselling book, Investable Entrepreneur. 

Show Notes

In this episode, James shares how investors care primarily about the defensability of the product rather than the brand. The brand is going to contain the value of the business when it comes to the exit but it's regarded as something that can be changed through a rebrand if needs be. The patent like protection that names can offer is not something investors are alive to.  

Robot Mascot started out  as a generic branding agency. It was thanks to niching down and attracting an experienced investor that the business took off. 

In brief this episode covers:

  • The possibilities, such as licensing that a brand offers.
  • Rebranding and the loss it can entail for a business.
  • How the pitch agency focuses on creating critical funraising assets.
  • Series A, seed funding and what investors are looking for
  •  The importance of understanding the problems of your audience, and what they want and need

View the podcast transcript here

LinkedIn: James Church
Twitter: @robotmascot
IG: @robotmascot
Book: Investable Entrepreneur

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