Is it Time to Change the Creativity First Mentality In Branding?

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Derrick Daye is the man behind the Brand Strategy Insider Blog, he serves as the Managing Partner of the Blake Project.

Show Notes

He has extensive and varied experience working in advertising agencies such as Satchi & Satchi.

In this episode Derrick and I discuss the choice of identifiers such as colours and symbols, and the extent to which IP needs to be taken into account when building brand assets. We also discuss the concept of distinctiveness.

In brief this episode covers:

  • The extent to which distinctiveness matters.
  • How larger agencies collaborate with IP lawyers. 
  • What is Blanding?
  • Oversimplification - does it overlook the imperative to be different?  
  • The importance of knowing what you don't know as a branding professional.
  •  Ownership underpins IP licensing. and should also underpin identity creation.
  • The imperative for design companies to explain IP's role to their clients.

View the podcast transcript here

LinkedIn: Derrick Daye
Twitter: @DerrickDaye

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