Interview about Brand Tuned by Alison Jones

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In this episode Alison Jones, director of Practical Inspiration Publishing, the publisher of Brand Tuned, interviews Shireen Smith. As host of the successful podcast, The Extraordinary Business Book Club Alison is an experienced interviewer and draws out some interesting information.

Show Notes

Alison asks questions about the process of writing Brand Tuned, what I found out along the way and the reason I chose to write the book. I also share my hopes and what I want to achieve as I release the book.  This episode covers:

  • My insights on providing holistic advice around branding — understanding the market needs
  • What I want to achieve for Brand Tuned as I release it to the world
  • The number of brand identifiers you should have to stand out
  • IP is about managing competition
  • The important issue with the brand name and considering the brand protection aspects 
  • How proper branding can impact everything that you do in your business
  • The extent to which it's appropriate to change a brand's identifiers
  • The journey of writing Brand Tuned: Why I chose to write the book

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