How To Stand Out From Your Competition — Niching

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In this episode, I talk about a foundational topic that isn’t well understood, niching. The accent in this episode is on expertise and how to ensure your core skills are in line with your interests as the market opportunities.

Show Notes

Many entrepreneur courses advise people to niche and not to try to sell to everyone. However, there is often a lack of detail on how to go about choosing a niche. The upshot is that many entrepreneurs get it wrong. They either pick a niche at random, or one that’s too narrow, or they disregard the advice altogether, because it’s too difficult to implement.  

The episode on niching touches on:

  • The key success in niching — how to stand out and set yourself apart from others
  • Useful insights on building his brand, and niching by Ronnie Fox, a successful lawyer.
  • How experts with core skills can increase their earning potential and relevance
  • Problems in the small business market
  • How to distinguish yourself from competitors when you're a designer, marketer or brand strategist
  • The fundamental disciplines to understand when creating a brand identity

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