How To Brand Using Trademarks Strategically

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In this episode, I talk about what I mean by brands. To use trademarks strategically, you need to first understand the role they play in branding to then know why and how to be strategic with them.  

Show Notes

 A brand is a name that people associate with a set of perceptions. It distinguishes one product or service from another.  Brands are important to us because they provide us with the familiarity we crave as humans.

 In brief the episode covers: 

  • Visual Identity
  • Why brand can easily be a business's most valuable asset? 
  • Brand Identifiers are non-name signifiers that build mental association to your brand  
  • Trademarks are the most important and potentially valuable IP asset to own
  • A branding lawyer can help you understand the brand protection aspect of a name
  • Registering a trademark to protect your distinctiveness 
  • How to avoid trademark legal disputes and litigation

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