Dumbing Down of Brand Assets with Nick Lehrain

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Nick Lehrain, designer and creative director of Oliver Grace creative studio is focused on digital products.

Show Notes

In this episode, Nick shares his views on brand and growth strategies, distinctive brand assets, the trend towards simplification of the unique identifying characteristics used for consumers to notice, recognize and recall a  brand. 

  • What is Blanding
  • Creating a distinctive brand — differentiation and distinctiveness to stand out
  • His  approach to designing the visual identity for a brand 
  • Examples of timeless logos from Logo Modernism book 
  • The brand codes you need to use consistently so you are recognizable 
  • The single most important issue to focus on and not lose sight of to build the brand

LinkedIn: Nick Lehrain
Instagram: @nicklehrain & @olivergrace.studio
Website: www.olivergrace.com.au
Article by Nick: How to create a digital-first lean brand
Suggested book: Logo Modernism 

View the podcast transcript here

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