Differentiation with Sean D'Souza


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In this episode, Sean D'Souza of Psychotactics discusses how small businesses should approach differentiation when selling their products and services. 

Show Notes

Sean is the author of The Brain Audit, and is a copywriter, cartoonist, and speaker. He is also the host of the three month vacation podcast. 

We discuss common challenges people have around differentiation, and how the biggest mistake people make is that they promote their company instead of talking about their products. We cover:

  • How to position a product so it sticks to the consumers' minds
  • Common challenges people have around how to differentiate
  • Measuring results through benchmarks
  •  Reasons for the high failure rate of small businesses

Linkedin: Sean D'Souza
Twitter: @seandsouza
Book: The Brain Audit

View the podcast transcript here

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