Differentiation and Positioning for Small Businesses

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In this episode we discuss positioning and differentiation with Johnny Molson a marketing consultant and strategist with Wizard of Ads who helps small businesses to build custom marketing strategies. 

Show Notes

We consider the difference between niching, positioning, differentiation and distinctiveness, including the challenge of becoming known.  Trying to become known for one thing rather than three things makes it more possible to be remembered in the marketplace.  

The episode touches on:

  • The need to test the market to decide how to position your brand.
  • Difference between differentiation and positioning with examples
  • How to get your desired perception into the consumer's mind
  • Social media – is it worth doing in terms of building a brand? 

View the podcast transcript here

Linkedin: Johnny Molson
Twitter: @disruptingads
Book: Campaign-O-Matic!
wizardofads.org & molsonpartners.com

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