Colour Psychology with Karen Haller

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Karen is the leading expert in applied colour and design psychology helping businesses and design professionals to use colour and design to improve well-being, support mental health and create positive change in the world.

Show Notes

She is the author of the best selling book The Little Book of Colour - How to Use the Psychology of Colour to Transform Your Life. It's a revolutionary guide to boosting your wellbeing, putting you firmly in the driver's seat and on the road to changing the colours in your world to boost your mood, increase your motivation and change how you feel in an instant.

In this episode, Karen discusses colour psychology, how colour influences how we think, how we feel, and how we behave. She gives her perspective on how colour should be used in branding, and that it should align with the brand personality, and values to influence buyers. This episode covers:

  • Association of brand values with colour
  • Case examples on a brand that's misaligned with the colour 
  • How colour can be associated with a demographic or an age group
  • How to create a brand from within and out 
  • Colour as emotion — how it makes people stop and think why they are in business
  • Finding the right colour for a brand — a colour that best represents a brand & the best reflectional representation of that brand
  • Karen’s point of view about McDonald's green brand colour 

LinkedIn: Karen Haller
Twitter: @KarenHaller
Instagram: @karen_haller_colour
Website: and 
 Free ebook: The 10 Myths that Limit You using Colour Effectively

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