Why Understanding Intellectual Property Limitations Helps You to Be More Commercially Savvy

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In this episode, I share the fundamentals to understand if you are serious about your business. IP is business, it’s not just laws you can leave to the lawyers which is such a misconception. I share my insights on securing a trade mark, the importance of developing IP skills and the knowledge that you need in your business.

Show Notes

Once you let the world know your ideas; such as by publishing them, then the law will protect the way you have expressed your idea. This is so important to understand as a limitation of IP rights because it will help you to protect your business. In this episode I cover:

  • Securing a trade mark
  • Copyright protection 
  • Deep understanding of intellectual property
  • Protecting you’re business against copycats
  • How Google built itself as one of the largest brands thanks to intellectual property
  • Developing IP skills and knowledge that you need in your business
  • Developing your commercial awareness — understanding IP and its limitations
  • Intellectual property — avoiding the need to sue or the risk of being sued 

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