Why Have a Brand Strategy for Your Business? Part 2

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An effective brand strategy should provide a central, unifying idea around which all behaviour, actions and communications of the business can be aligned

Show Notes

It should work across products and services and will be effective over time. The best strategies are so powerful that they deflect the competition. 

  • Think about what deep beliefs you cherish above all else 
  • Think about what is your overarching ethos or the values by which you want to approach everything you do in your business? 
  • People apparently buy why you sell the product you sell 
  • It’s about the solution, the difference you will make in people’s lives 
  • It’s not about how you differ from your competitors. It’s about the difference you make to people’s lives that should be your focus 
  • Talk about that difference and value you bring, the outcome people can expect when they choose your business
  • Your values form the basis of your Mission and Vision statement 
  • Often there is no urgent need to change your brand designs if you already have a visual identity 
  • The brand strategy is essentially about creating a growth platform for your business 
  • As part of your brand strategy consider what your brand personality will be 
  • Making our communications effective in the face of an overload of information out there in a noisy world takes some thought 

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