Why Begin With the End in Mind

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People assume branding is about getting pretty design work done, whereas the visual identity is the last thing to work on not the first.

Show Notes

You just need some inexpensive designs initially while you test the market, and focus on designing the actual business itself rather than its visual appearance.

  • Studies have shown that living a life of purpose leads to better health and overall happiness
  • Working Out My Purpose
  • Those Who Always Knew Their Purpose Are Rare
  • Background Behind My Career Choice of Law
  • Intellectual Property and Business Are Intertwined
  • People simply need to adopt recommended processes and then induct their team to follow them when implementing new ideas
  • One problem is that people assume branding is about getting pretty design work done
  • Another problem is that people don’t realise how vital it is to register their rights once they undergo branding
  • Businesses tend to change radically in the early years
  • Education and a commitment to working on the business is what branding should involve in the early days
  • Trademarks and IP, Business and Branding
  • Providing a multidisciplinary approach when branding a business is the key to ensuring that businesses undergoing branding increase their chances of success
  • Whether you’re looking for employment or are starting a new venture it’s vital to ask yourself some searching questions
  • Aspirations change over time

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