What Not To Do When Branding

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In this episode, Shireen Smith discusses the importance of brand protection in marketing. Surprisingly, less than a third of agencies register their names as a trademark. This suggests many designers and others who offer branding services have little appreciation of the relationship between brand creation and brand protection. 

Show Notes

Shireen discusses How Not to Brand Your Business in the 21st century and talks about the lack of awareness of IP, Brand names, the silo approach and the importance of combining creatives and lawyers when creating a new brand or revisiting an existing brand.

  • Society has been transformed by Coronavirus with many businesses having to operate exclusively online.
  • The lack of awareness of IP and the intangibles it protects can cause serious problems for businesses
  • Three core IP rights you have to consider:
    • Copyright
    • Trademarks
    • Confidentiality
  • How not to make the same mistakes Tesco did with Clubcard because they didn’t combine brand creation and  brand protection
  • Why branding agencies should bring in the right expertise upfront if they are offering a naming service
  • Why an interdisciplinary approach allows for an effective creative process and protecting your IP for your online business

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