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The jewel in the crown of the Pheiff Group, Inc., a million-dollar coach, business strategist, committed advocate for transforming the human spirit through the power of creativity shares insights into how to transform your life and business

Show Notes

Connie Pheiff Explains:

  • I have four former corporate executives. I've had this business 13 Actually, I was thinking about a time almost 14 years.  I had no I mean, there was no original intention of becoming an entrepreneur and having my own business. But you know, I always say I was groomed for corporate. And I made my way to the CEO position.
  • I have a voice as a professional speaker. So I started the agency because I have a very strong background in business, and much, much better than being a speaker
  • Being in corporate is so much different than having your own business. I thought, you know, this was my ego. And I thought, well, people know me, I was CEO and I'm going to set up shop and people are just going to call me. Well, it didn't happen that way. People weren't calling. And so the biggest challenge for me was learning the right technology platform, learning the best way to connect with my true audience and getting very clear on the audience that I was going to be working with and helping That was a challenge
  • the leader owns that culture of the organization. So how do they bring it in throughout and really help their people truly, do what they do best
  • The true definition of a leader is really finding, you know, where your people are, where they excel, what their needs are, and then when you understand that, and, you know, execute on it
  • This showcase hit phenomenal numbers because it is very different. Where we bring the speakers into a professional theatre, to showcase them, and we stream it out live around the globe to event planners, so we want to get them in front of and we crashed the system, we had over 800,000 people trying to register in a very short time, and it totally took them our system
  • It's all about your personal brand. And our signature line are one of our brands is you are the brand
  • Everything you talk about is branding, and  the individual brand
  • Everything that I've done over the last almost 14 years, I've put it into a video course. And some other experts, too, that I work with, they're in there as well
  • So the process is when they first come to us, it's typically by referral. Or perhaps somebody that I might reach out to or my podcast, so I do have a sizable podcast myself, and congratulations to you called the Connie five-show
  • So we have very high standards. So in our timeline, you have to respond to that within two days. And then once you respond to that, the team and I get together, look at it, within three days time, we get back to whether you're going to come on or not. And typically, by the time you get the application, I've already had a discovery call with you. And I already have a sense of whether or not you know, we want to be working with you
  •  Once the coaching and mentoring are done, then we could say, they've graduated, and now they're on the label. And then once they're on the label, we also have some strategic partnerships with other groups out there, such as E speakers, they're an international database for speakers and entertainers. So our folks get listed on there


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