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Growing a brand involves a lot of self-education. I doubt it is enough that the entrepreneurs to just hand over to a creative agency, get their brand designed and to just continue to grow the brand

Show Notes

You need to really understand how to use the brand to grow, so reading widely is recommended.

  • Many entrepreneurs I know talk about their coaches unlocking the path to progress for them, but so far I’ve never really done more than dabble in hiring coaches, even for fitness
  • In this new world of online digital assets, we need to develop the skills to get maximum benefits from them
  • In terms of ways to access knowledge, as a self-professed bookaholic, I own more books and kindle books than I will ever get a chance to read in my lifetime
  • My subscription to Audible has enabled me to consume numerous books as I go about my daily activities – such as when I’m walking or cooking
  • The beauty of this is that I can now try out an infinite number of books as I am out and about moving from one place to another or when I’m in the kitchen
  • Taking action is then essential

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