The Brand Starts From Inside Out

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Emily Soccorsy and Justin Foster are the founders of Root + River an intrinsic strategic branding practice, who share their perspective on branding, and how the brand starts from within the founder. That is the starting point for communicating the brand story.

Show Notes

They discuss their approach to understanding customers and the ideal audience. In the episode we cover:  

  • Building customer relationship
  • Understanding your customers — how to know your ideal audience
  • How to communicate your brand story
  • A brand’s association in people’s minds
  • Measuring brand awareness — is it important?
  • The story behind their brand Root + River

LinkedIn - Emily Soccorsy Justin Foster
Twitter - @emilyatlarge & @fosterthinking
Instagram - @rootandriver & @fosterthinking
Book -  Rooting Up: Essays on Modern Branding

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