Stop Assuming Your Customer is A Big Sophisticated Brand

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In this episode, I uncover what's important in branding and strategy. I share the importance of SMEs, giving light on how small brands are not given that much attention and we should stop assuming that all customers are big, sophisticated brands and treat them appropriately to the stage that they've reached in business. 

Show Notes


I talk about how every brand, category, and the customer has its unique attributes, strengths, weaknesses, competitive set, and distribution challenges. I share my insights on what you need to focus on to ensure that buyers know who you are and how to buy from you when you’re a small brand. In this episode I cover:

  • Branding & Intellectual Property 
  • What's important in branding and strategy
  • The five stages of development for small and growing brands
  • My insights on ideas around brands, branding and marketing 
  • Marketing brands at the maturity stage
  • Consistency of branding signals
  • Finding a coherent blueprint for small brands and how to take account of intellectual property
  • Intellectual Property  — a core discipline that everyone in business and branding should learn 
  • Intellectual Property — why it needs to be borne in mind during brand creation 

A brand is more than a snazzy logo – but what else is there to consider when building a brand? Do you really need a brand for business success? And what has intellectual property got to do with anything? My latest book to be released in September 2021 Brand Tuned: The new rules of branding, strategy and intellectual property

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