Shireen Smith - What Makes an Outstanding Brand

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In this episode, I share my insights on what makes an outstanding brand and when looking for the purpose behind a business you need to find one that’s capable of inspiring the team and customers too. 

Show Notes


I also address the problem that I notice in that some web developers, designers, and marketers who help small businesses with their identity work have little understanding of IP and how to address it. Nor do they work with lawyers. 

In brief the episode covers:

  • Protecting your brand elements
  • Finding the purpose behind your business
  • Common problems with brand identities
  • Differentiation and descriptive elements
  • Intellectual property as part and parcel of a business
  • Formulating a strategy to stand out from your competitors
  • Addressing the problems I noticed with web developers, designers and marketers who help small businesses with identity work
  • Incorporating Intellectual Property when creating a brand, choosing a name, developing a logo or promotion campaigns


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