Trademarking a Colour

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In this episode, I cover topics on what you need to know when it comes to choosing the best brand assets to create, and which to prioritise creating and protecting. I also share what you need to know when you know when securing a colour as a trademark.

Show Notes

Why would you want to trademark a colour given that colour is difficult to trademark, and is part and parcel of every visual identity, even those that opt for black and white? It is rare to hear of someone having to rebrand because they’re using someone else’s colours after all. In this episode I cover:

  • The important objective of branding
  • The purpose of trade mark
  • Securing a trade mark for a colour 
  • What triggers mental associations to the brand?
  • Enforcing your rights in logos
  • Examples of non-conventional trade marks
  • Colour & visual identities — a great communicator of a brand’s values and messaging
  • What anchor’s association in your customers’ minds about your brand name — logo, brand colours, shapes and other visual elements

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