Shireen Smith - Part 1 - How to Protect your App Idea from Being Copied

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How do you protect your original app idea from being copied by others? And what are the key considerations you need to know when it comes to developing a successful product? We talk about all this and more in today’s episode.

Show Notes

Topics discussed:

  • Why it’s important to protect your app idea from being copied.
  • What it takes to transform an idea into a successful app or product.
  • The legal protections you can use to protect your intellectual property.
  • The importance of researching the different legal tools to protect your app idea.


Key Takeaways:

  • Any idea for an app, no matter how groundbreaking it may seem, only has the potential to be a successful product. You’ll need to address various issues along its development before you can transform it into your vision. In the end, the success of your app depends on whether your idea is well received.
  • There is the real problem of how to protect your idea so that you benefit from it. Unless you know how to develop an app yourself, you’ll need to hire the right person or company to develop it for you. This requires using the right agreement to plan the project and protect your interest.
  • Protecting your intellectual property needs to be covered in your plans first and foremost. You need to know how to use the law to support you if you’re to achieve your aims. Ignoring the law can lead to discovering unintended consequences that can prove fatal to your entire project later on. 


Action Steps:

  • Critically assess your idea. Spend time doing really thorough research on your product and check it’s market viability. 
  • Before you take any steps to implement an idea, take the time to understand the legal protections you can use to protect it. 
  • Learn the five principle rights covered under intellectual property, namely: copyright, patents, trademarks, designs, and confidential information.


Shireen said: 


“Quite aside from the very real practical problem of finding somebody who understands your vision and can deliver an app that reflects what’s in your head, there is a real problem of how to protect the idea so that you benefit from it.”


“If you don’t take the right actions very early on when you’re creating something, if you’re not careful how you implement your ideas, then you may actually lose the opportunity to own a valuable intellectual property right.”


Thank you for listening!

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