Rethinking Your Brand? Use IP Strategically

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Shireen introduces series 2 of the podcast explaining there will be a weekly release of a podcast episode, which will be a mix of solo and interview episodes. In this episode, Shireen discusses how businesses are adapting to coronavirus and the prospect of a recession.

Show Notes


For the next year, we can expect more uncertainty in business.  Some businesses are pivoting to an online solution, while others are rethinking their offerings.  It's important to consider IP strategically if you are rethinking your brand is Shireen's message in this episode

  •  In addition to the podcast, Shireen is hosting a series of complimentary webinars to support the business community and take them through her TUNED framework
  • TUNED  stands for:
    •  Think IP First
    • Understand the ideal customer
    •  Name it right
    •   Establish your brand identity
    •  Drive your brand strategy
  •  In the future, there will be solo episodes discussing topics like naming and guests who support businesses to identify new names, or who can discuss values, purpose, IP value and so on.
  • Building a powerful brand is relevant to everyone from a startup to a growing business looking to attract more clients
  • IP should be part of a business and brand strategy as well as part of the creative process
  •  You can register for the next webinar on 10 June 2020 at the Brand Tuned registration page and see a recording of the first webinar

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