Priscilla Mckinney - How to Create a System For Your Digital Marketing Success

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Guest in this episode is CEO and Mama bird of the award-winning creative and digital content agency, Little Bird Marketing explains strategies that you need to implement as a business owner and as an owner of a marketing agency.

Show Notes

Priiscilla Mckinney said:

  • What I do right now is manage a team of digital content and visual experts. And we create systems for predictable lead generation for companies
  • Right now I own and operate four different companies
  • I got started really helping people do some of that scrappy bootstrapping stuff with what was new, let's really look at, at his social media, and let's look at some guerrilla, marketing campaigns, let's put some dots together, that other people haven't done, let's not just mimic our competitor. I think that environment, where everybody was telling me I couldn't do it was interesting, it was an interesting challenge for me
  • The main IP that we created is a system called soar. And it is a content marketing system that is specifically designed to bring you inbound lead gen. And it is the so AR is an acronym, gotta have one of those. Yeah. But it is strategic, organized, accountable, and repeatable. And this is what I find is so big about advertising, marketing content, whatever you want to call it, I don't care what you do so much as you have to have a system
  • I work from clients all the way from 2 million to 50 million. And you'd be surprised who in the middle there does not have a strategy. And some of them have actually done persona work. But honestly, the reality is, it's in the drawer or, or nobody knows where it is
  • Let's just say your average company there who's like, Hey, we're finally going to hire one person who's in charge of marketing. Well, that person in marketing many times comes to them and says, What do you want me to do? I'm happy to do it. They're very excited. They love marketing, and they want to do something, but they don't come to the table with the strategy with the system, and know how to actually direct the company so they can execute, but they're not quite sure what they're executing. We have a blend, that's, that's painting and all the one side, we have a blend of people, but when you hire one person, you're getting one skill, when you outsource that for the exact same price, you would pay one person and you get the strategy, you get, the whole, everything from us of, award winning designers, we have, social media experts
  • For the majority of content out there, it's evergreen, we know what we're going to be putting out six or eight months from now. And those things are already scheduled. They're already hashtag, they're already researched, they already have keywords involved. And we know where the call to action is, we know how we're trying to bring the ideal client through the buyers journey
  • We need to understand where they are before we can set some goals and have an actual recalibration of what they're doing. And so we don't come in and say, you know, we'll do this and it'll bring this many leads, if you don't, I feel like that kind of stuff is, you know, just, first of all, a diamond doesn't on the internet. And also it really doesn't understand the nuance of business
  • I don't want to work forever. I do some other consulting, I teach people how to be cut. And I teach, like wholesale teams, how to become influencers on LinkedIn and Twitter. And that's something that I can take and consult.


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