Phil Barden - Using Gut Reactions to Support your Goals & Brand Strategy

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In this episode, Phil Barden, author of the book Decoded - the science behind why we buy,  discusses brand strategy, goals, people’s buying behaviour and how best to work with designers to create visual designs to reflect your brand. 

Show Notes

Phil bridged the gap that he identified in traditional research techniques by turning to decision science for insights into people’s buying decision. This episode is invaluable if you're looking to better understand your customers and apply your findings to developing your brand strategy. 

 Phil talks about goals as a way to better understand people’s behaviour and explains the science behind it. In this episode we cover:

  • Characteristics of any purchase decision
  • People’s buying behaviour, what are the systems that apply when people make a purchase
  • Situational examples of people’s buying behaviour
  • How you can properly brief designers about the goals of your brand to deliver the right output
  • What are the sources of goals and it’s three primary drivers?
  • Understanding goals that represent your strategy
  • How to use your gut reaction to know whether a design is right for your brand
  • Setting up brand strategy and how to consider goals into account

 You can find Phil Barden on the following social media links & his book website.

Twitter - @philbarden
LinkedIn - Phil Barden

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