The online identity masterclass for Marketers, Creatives, Lawyers, and Business Leaders with Shireen Smith 20 year Intellectual Property (IP) lawyer and leading brand IP specialist:

How to create a unique brand that stands out for the long term - and can’t be stolen or copied - by using IP effectively

Plus: The big IP mistakes even brands like Apple, McDonalds, Lacoste & Tesco have made - and how to avoid them

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Inside this masterclass you’ll discover:

  • The single most important IP decision you can make

  • Why making successful IP choices is NOT about learning IP law intimately

  • The big misconception that has caused even Apple, McDonalds and Lacoste to have IP disasters and lose trademarks

  • Why lawyers can often saddle clients with next to worthless names, and how to avoid this happening to you

  • How even Tesco made a ‘schoolboy error’ with the IP for its famous Clubcard that left them wide open to competitors stealing from them

  • How a hugely successful mobile app lost almost everything when the two brothers behind it tried to register a trademark themselves

  • Myths, half-truths and misconceptions: the absolute worst IP “advice” you often come across online


In this on-demand online training, you’ll also discover:

  • Why owning patents won’t actually protect your business (very famous example!)

  • The best - and worst - time to involve lawyers when choosing a name (hint: most people choose the very worst time!)

  • Why you often only need to gain an advantage for a few years with IP to catapult a business to success

  • How to end up with a worthless brand name - without even realising it

  • The difference between IP principles and IP laws

  • Why IP is about much more than searching for and registering trademarks

  • PLUS: Always do these simple IP searches yourself, before involving any lawyer


In just under an hour you’ll get an overview of essential IP principles based on over 20 years’ experience working with brands of all kinds, from global ‘mega-brands’ like Reuters to the smallest owner-managed businesses...