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In this episode, Julie Barber, the author of Investor Ready: The guide for startups on getting investors to say Yes’ and the CEO of Spark! Consulting shares how you have to create brands within the organization, her experience and process of helping businesses grow and her definition and explanation of brand. 

Show Notes

Julie talks about how they help startups and scale-ups who need to prepare for raising investment so that they are confident and credible in front of investors. We cover topics on:

  • Creating brands within the organization
  • Spark Consulting’s brand journey
  • What is pre-seed, seed and series?
  • How to prepare your business for investors
  • Investment strategy
  • Brand as an important element in creating documents to take to investors
  • Why brand is an important part of building a consistent and powerful picture of a single operating company

LinkedIn - Julie (Crussell) Barber

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