JP Castlin - What to Consider When Formulating Your Brand Strategy

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In this episode, JP Castlin, formerly CEO at Rouser, an international strategic consultancy firm in Stockholm, discusses the hierarchy of strategies, the ways to approach brand and business strategy and the concept that he formulated called strategy hierarchy.

Show Notes

He breaks down the terms on complexity, positioning, differentiation, what you need to consider when formulating your brand strategy — the questions that you should be asking and how you can properly communicate your brand strategy when branding or rebranding. 

This episode is essential for anyone wanting a better understanding of business and brand strategy to apply in developing a brand. 

JP talks about understanding the hierarchies of strategies that are relevant to a business and how you can take this into account. In this episode we cover:

·       The two kinds of approach to a business strategy

·       What is strategy hierarchy?

·       The meaning of complexity within the three systems

·       How to help businesses to the next level if you are a strategist

·       Positioning and what is perceptive positioning

·       Separating positioning and differentiation

·       Communicating brand strategy when branding or rebranding

·       What do you need to consider when setting up a brand strategy.

You can find JP Castlin on the following social media link & his website.

 Twitter - @JPCastlin

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