Joyful Marketing with Shannon Hernandez

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Shannon is all about that joy in marketing, business, and life. She is a sought after expert in the world of content marketing and strategy, Shannon is known globally as the creator of the Content Personality™ Wheel. 

Show Notes


Shannon Hernandez explained:

  • So I am a marketing strategist. But not any old marketing strategist. I chose a long time ago to brand myself as the joyful marketing strategist.
  • I've been doing that for about seven years prior to that I was a New York City public school teacher. And I was teaching in inner-city Harlem, eighth grade. So they kept me on my toes taught me how to tell good stories
  •  I just kept building on my strengths, which are teaching training, inspiring and like breaking down marketing into simple concepts that people get. And that's pretty much what I did in the classroom all day long.
  • That is where I started, I hired a coach, I hired a virtual assistant, I hired a website designer to do my branding, before I had any clients. And to this day, I know that mindset is what has helped me have this business that I have now
  • I have interior designers, in my programs, I have health coaches, I have business coaches, I have spiritual coaches, I have executive coaches and career coaches, and I have consultants that consult people on colour theory and it like you name it, what attracted them was the message of, if it ain't joyful, we do in that shit. And I think it speaks to just wit if you would think about your journey, like as, as a business owner, and in the online space, as we heard for years, and you've probably been doing this a lot longer than I have
  • I actually realized about 20 months ago, I was an introvert, operating as an extrovert. And I could not figure out why I kept crashing, it was a cycle of lots of excitement, like push energy, if you will, not pushing you out of alignment, but just lots of people, lots of excitement, I did lots of events, you know, when we could hold events, I did these things, and then I and it would be great. 
  • I have a lot of people who come to me because last year I actually started talking about the transition from extrovert to introvert. And there are so many ways introverts can stay in their joy can stay in their power and market their business without crashing and you don't have to be visible, right?
  • I built my business one to one initially, then I kept out, I continue to cap out, it doesn't matter how much I charge, they just pay one on one.
  • In the confident Expert program, the outcome is we're gonna work on their messaging, which is always the basis of marketing, right? So we help them with their messaging, we help them find marketing that's joyful for them. And that's through the content personality quiz.

Thank you for listening!

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