Why You Should Sell on Amazon

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Janis Carmena, the Ecommerce Queen Bee, talks about what started out as her Amazon Side hustle and how she grew her online business.

Show Notes


  • She would buy the same things as other people would, and they would compete together on Amazon
  • She started building brands and got two six-figure brands going now one is a whole line of reusable straws
  • The big thing with Amazon is you have to differentiate
  • She suggests you to check the competition's reviews, that's how to make your product much better than your competitors because the client already tells you in a review, so read them all
  • There's actually quite a lot of competition on Amazon from third-party sellers
  • She is trademarked  in Canada, and then she did what's called Brand Registry down in with Amazon
  • "I was reading about Amazon and its approach. They prefer wordmarks. For that reason that it actually gives you a monopoly over the words, a logo mark, you can register anything as a logo"
  • She has a bootcamp and guarantees you at the end of boot camp, you'll have your own Amazon store up and running, at least have the store so then you can figure out how you want to start selling on Amazon
  • When it comes to brands she admires, she really likes Tesla, their marketing and how they have situated themselves in the marketplace

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