Intellectual Property – The Challenges of Protecting Ideas

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In this episode, I talk about how intellectual property comprises copyright, trademark, design, patent, and confidentiality it means that the actions necessary to turn an idea into reality will differ depending on the type of IP that idea would generate once it’s implemented.

Show Notes

 I share how everything begins with an idea, every idea invariably results in an intangible manifestation of it once it’s brought into the real world. In this episode I cover:

    • Leveraging IP and its value 
    • Turning an idea into IP – namely a trade mark 
    • The significance of intellectual property in today’s digital world
    • Personal experiences in handling intellectual property matters
    • The overall objective of building a brand, product or business
    • How you can approach intellectual property
    • Addressing intellectual property by doing an IP audit  & take corrective action
    • Intellectual property – being proactive at the early stages of any project 

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